The We are Water traveling exhibition is at the Mesa County Central Library in Grand Junction, Colorado!

We are Water creates a place where youth, families, and community members can experience, learn, share, and talk about what water means to them. The exhibit has four parts, each highlighting a different theme: (1) Water and Life, (2) Water Use, Water Rights, (3) Water in the Landscape, and (4) Water and Our Community. Each piece of the exhibit also includes a fun hands-on activity or game!

Explore the full We are Water exhibition — Navajo | Spanish | English

Library visitors, tell us what you think about the We are Water exhibit by filling out this online survey!

Photos of the We are Water exhibit. Top left: a boy plays connect four. Top right: a group plays the plinko game. Bottom left: a boy learns how to play with the AR sandbox. Bottom right: image of the story wall with a touchscreen & hanging artwork.

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Gallery of visitor contributions to the We are Water exhibition


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